The child

The child The same concerns and squirrels at the expense of whom % of all calories received by the child more during the periods of rapid growth should be provided, i.


in infancy and teenage age, and it is less during other periods of life.

At superfluous intake of protein the organism starts to work with loadin trying to distribute them.

The child pays for it with the wrong metabolism and additional power consumption which could be used for growth.

When it is not enough proteins Proteins possess one more surprising property unlike other nutrients they cannot collect in an organism.

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Touches They better sleep at night, are capricious in the afternoon less and better react to communication.

Touches calm children.

Massage fine means to provide a good night dream.

Touches promote development of feeling of own value.

Cha being in loving hands, babies learn better, what parts of their body are most sensitive, to what need to relax.

Touches conduct to awareness of the value just as adults feel satisfied when hear benevolent responses of friends.

Touches help parents.

Daily massage helps to feel all child, to learn to read about what tells his body, to distinguish signals submitted to them.

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Besides But the kid transfers high temperature badly, it becomes whimsical, irritable.

Besides fast lifting of temperature can cause spasms and attacks to these problems we will return later.

Be ATTENTIVE! Having learned that the substances causing increase by that is bodies, help to struggle with an infection, parents began to refuse measures for decrease in temperature at children, being afraid to reduce natural protective powers of an organism.

However newer researches showed that febrifugal drugs influence only the thermostatic device with a view of fall of temperature of a tel, without mentioning the protective forces of an organism struggling with an infection.

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Thus, while

Thus, while The scrappy holder allows to lift the kid on safe height, and be quiet now it anywhere will not disappear from you.

Adults around the world almost whole day walking g if the kid thus is at you on a breast, such movings are facilitated.

During travel the child should deal with situation change all the time.

And such change of scenery, and transition from a dream to wakefulness in the scrappy holder are given it easier.

Thus, while you stand in a queue at the airport, your child can be blissfully happy in a cosiness and safety.

If it a little in the plane, walk with it on salon that it was fond of contemplation of a new situation When in a hotel room time to the kid will come to fall asleep, put it on a bed in a rag and lie down a little nearby.

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The kid gives

The kid gives whether.

Irishka's mother correctly behaved How on its place you would arrive Both the fighter, and the squabbler, and yet I do not know who.

Some words about the aggressive childI did not hit Katka.

Simply did gymnastics hands.

Here also touched it casually.

Roofing felt K.

, years At last you reconciled with crisis and obstinacy waiting for the best times, and suddenly.

again underwater reeves.

even worse than crisis and obstinacy in one thousand times.

The kid gives you new surprises.

And where only to take endurance and patience that these surprises to accept.

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